Want to work in the fast-paced, adrenaline fueled, high-tech, and forever changing world of electronic trading?

We’re looking for someone to join our Trader Risk Management Team.

We are seeking out the kind of girl or guy who has a positive outlook on life, has the self-motivation to get things done & with pride.  Has the cool-headed control of a bomb disposal expert & is happy to take the wheel of our dynamic Positive Trader Risk Team.

We are looking for someone with a 3rd level degree and with a good grasp of Excel. If you understand how financial markets work then that will be an advantage – either products or software. We can teach you the rest!

So about us & what we do.

We are 50 trading, risk and technology professionals. We trade over 200 products on many different futures exchanges. This is a really cool opportunity that will put you deep in the frontlines of the electronic trading revolution!

Think this is the job for you? Then read on!

1.            The skills we love:

  • Some experience with compliance but it’s not a huge deal if you don’t.
  • Some experience with Electronic trading is a plus.
  • Mad Excel skills. We mean wizard-level, not the stuff you picked up in college.
  • Experience with financial data software like eSignal, CQG,  Bloomberg, Reuters to drop some    names. It would also be a +1 if you worked with trading software like TT, Stellar, CQG or others.
  • We love people with IT experience such as servers and telecoms.
  • We especially love nerdy programmers with C# knowledge.

2.            So rounding that all up, here is what you must have:

  • A 3rd level qualification
  • Proper Excel skills
  • The ability to hold your own when things get a little crazy (it won’t happen too often, we promise)
  • We manage traders over a 14 hour period so our risk team works flexible hours (early morning or evening shift)

3.            Why we need a chill girl/guy like you.

  • Dealing with traders who are under pressure can be pretty intense stuff.
  • You will need to be nicely mannered to traders & be kind while also being tough with them. Think of a hostage negotiator!
  • We will teach you all you need to be the enforcer!

4.            Your responsibilities

  • Working under Positive’s Managing Director, you will be responsible for the day-to-day management of trader risk across the busy Dublin trading floor, and remotely for our office in Croatia.
  • You’ll help out with managing our compliance needs, including closely working with exchanges, clearing banks and financial regulators.
  • You’ll keep in touch with our clearing banks and traders regarding trading limits, their set up’s and compliance.
  • You’ll have monthly sit downs with traders to chat about risk.
  • You’ll do your part in managing, monitoring and improving our in-house risk software.
  • You’ll help educate and expand the great minds of Positive about trading risk.

5.            Here’s what we can offer you:

  • Some seriously hands on education in risk management and financial compliance.
  • An entry into the high octane world of electronic trading
  • The choice of shift work – early mornings or evenings shifts.
  • You might get to work closely with our traders on their trading strategies
  • We offer a salary anywhere from €24k to €40k depending on your qualifications and experience
  • There is also a discretionary annual bonus.
  • We also offer a health insurance program after 6 months of service.

I want this job! Sign me up!

You think you tick all the boxes? Then send your CV (max 2 pages) to iwantajob@positive.ie

Title the email ‘Positive Risk’.

Include with your mail, a 1-page list of accomplishments that properly relate to sections 1 – 3 above, i.e. ‘My core skills’, ‘My must-have skills’ and ‘Why I am cool headed’.

Looking forward to hearing from you!