We are hiring trainee traders for our 2024 Trainee and Intern classes. You will join our trading desk, get exposure to our proprietary skills and concepts needed to be a successful member of the trading desk. We will train you to be a successful part of our trading desk for a career in the markets. Together we will turn you into a successful trader and transform your life forever.

1.     Do you have a record of success in your academic or professional life?

2.     A record of success in sport?

3.     A record of success in poker, chess, gaming or other competitive activity?

4.     A record of success in programming?

If the answer is “Yes!” to ANY of these questions then apply here.

Who we are

We have been innovating in the markets and trading together since 2000, we are a group of trading, technology and finance professionals who have come from all over the world to be successful in careers we love. There are some very special ingredients to our collective success: awesome people, a team-oriented trading floor and a flow of new trading ideas. Our proprietary trading program and techniques give our traders the edge and advantage to be successful in the markets.

What we do

We trade the world’s major electronic futures markets, in equity indices, commodities, interest rates and FX. We hire graduates and professionals for our Trainee Trader Program, working from our trading floors in Dublin, Ireland,  Zagreb and Split, Croatia. We also run four-week Summer Internships.

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We look forward to hearing from you!