It’s been almost a year since my group started training. We have been learning, researching and observing the markets every day. Sounds intense (it kinda is) but it went by in a flash. Along the line there were some crucial ‘Aha’ moments that changed the way we approached the markets and that made a small difference. In time those differences became positive days, weeks, months and finally targets hit.

Targets meant it’s time to go live. That means working with real money, against real people who see and react to my orders and actions. Like a flight simulator, you need to have a lot of hours of experience to get to the real plane, but the simulator is never like the real thing.

First steps are accommodation to the real environment and reduced size for the transition. It’s like changing to a better and higher league club. On the sim numbers were awesome, confidence was high and mistakes were not cardinal. You could write off an unexpected market move or bad luck. Even your own stupidity. On live when you lose, it’s forever and ever. Poof – half a day’s work gone in an instant.


On top of that the markets adapt and change constantly and of course they did their shift right before we started. At the end of summer many traders come back from vacation and add their actions to the markets. Conditions changed somewhat and now it takes some time to get used to new dynamics.

Despite all those bits the excitement and adrenaline is making any stress negligible. First day was just avoiding mis-clicks and errors. Anything I do, the whole world sees. Risk desk follows my trades so that I don’t overstep my limits. I know exchanges examine all orders to catch manipulators. I guess I’m not doing anything wrong? I’ve learned the rules, I should be alright. Right?

Putting on the first trade was the longest moment ever. How hard can it be? I did thousands of trades on the sim. Just got to remember my training that got me this far and stick to it.

Trade blinks on the ladder. My trade monitor shows I’m in position. P/L window follows the price relative to my entry. Click. 10 Euro. Exhale. Winner.

I made money! So it’s possible and it wasn’t that hard. Getting up in the morning just got so much easier.

Now, can I have more please? Or even better, I’ll take more, thank you.