Last two weeks have seen big changes around the office: more cuts in down side limits and our first big End of Month social activity! And Positive Equity, Split is hiring new class of trainees. Read more about it all below.

Let’s start with trading stuff first. So our limits are smaller once again and now it’s getting really tight. We have to budget our losses and trading times now a lot more. We can’t just be going after every trade. Our selectivity is much higher, and total number of trades is down. It’s much easier to go limit down now, but it helps a lot in building discipline and learning how to budget ticks more effectively. We tend to look more before just going in hoping for the best as we did before. Of course, we are still working on timing, and entries but that is why we’re on simulator. We’ve also been adding a few new strategies. OK so it sounds complicated and daunting, but our head trader is starting to get results out of us.

We are seeing more and more positive days on the board more often. Positive days have already been happening a bit while I was writing the last blog entry but now everybody is getting them more frequently. One of the guys even had a positive month overall in one product. We think he just got lucky! Anyway, it is good for all of us to have somebody setting the pace early.  Can’t wait to see how February will go.

We found new favorite work activity to do on Non Farm Payroll Friday – Karting. The whole office went down last week. It was massive fun.


There were three heats, but no final race, we just went with best times. Winner agreed to give us a rematch and I hear few guys went back to practice during the weekend. Next time we go we will be prepared. No rivalries, pure fun and friendly competition, but on the end of the day everyone wants to win. It’s what I expected from traders. 🙂 

Lastly, the big news at the moment is that we are hiring new class of trainees in Split, Croatia. If you are a former or current athlete, poker wizard, player, are good at other competitive games and activities, and you have interest in trading (obviously if you’re reading this blog), brush of your CV and get in touch with us via our website (go to click Start Here button)

That’s all from me. Thanks for reading.

PS: Small tip from me, again, I recommend reading the book called “One Good Trade“ It will give you a clearer picture what it's like to work for a proprietary trading firm. Part of the book is about the hiring process! Maybe more important, there are a few examples what not to do. 🙂 If you have any questions, post a reply and I will be glad to answer.