Last month was active and busy around the office: lots of interviews, lots of trading, and the big rematch at the carting track. Here’s how it all went.

Simulations Continues

As usual, let’s begin with our futures trading. Our targets on the month were to be in the green. Some of us came close but the rest of us are aiming for March to be in the green. It was close though, half way through the month half of us were on track! Let’s say we have more and more positive weeks, which is encouraging, but still not enough to cover our down days yet. They say that learning the profession of trading futures is a two step forward one step back game, last ten days was the step back. Onwards and upwards in March.

Interviewing Begins

In February we started sitting in on interviews, learning the process of hiring new trainees. With a little experience of being on both sides of the process, I can share few tips and hints.

  • There are no trick questions, don't need to worry about that part. There are no tricks, traps, for the most part no right or wrong answers; we’re just trying to get to know people.
  • No fibbing: needless to say, telling porky pies and untruths in the interview will both land you in a career you might not be suited and you’ll eventually get busted. Both outcomes suck. Just be yourself.
  • Relax. Take a deep breath. If you are relaxed, your real personality comes through better, and that is the only person we want to meet, the real you.
  • Prepare. Don’t just rock up. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.   

Carting Grudge Match

The time came for our highly anticipated Go Karting rematch. We arranged three heats and the top 4 racers by lap time went to the final.  There would be just one winner. The top racers from the last time dominated the initial races, and the final race had moments that looked like old F1 classic (from the 60’s).

There were a few collisions, bumps and shunts.  But after 4 races all the top racers from last time were beat by one of our newest trainees, Tomislav!

For next month our head trader has sent us out to find a new strategy to simulate. He gave us some guidelines and has sent us forth. I’m excited to see what people find. Innovation is part of what we do here and it’s time for us to start doing our bit. Read more about it in the next post.