Having a competitive nature is a vital trait of any successful futures trader. Every day you are competing with people from all across the world in some of the most competitive markets with the hope of gaining some competitive edge. Successful traders need to strive to improve every day and adapt to changing markets. At Positive the competitive culture is there to be seen throughout. Early on in the training program trainees play card games which will improve your trading. Scores must be kept to see who is improving.

After about 6 weeks trainees start trading on simulated markets. Weekly goals and targets are put in place to ensure trainees remain competitive with both themselves and among each other. Trainees also hold monthly review meetings with their trainer to ensure they are constantly improving their trading. This feedback is great motivation to do better every day.


There are regular pool competitions in the office which are always competitive. We play weekly games of 5 a side which neither team wants to lose. It’s also a good chance to get some exercise too.  Recently the office went to Skillzone, where participants try a range of sporting challenges and get graded on each one. All these activities ensure there’s a competitive aspect to the job.

All traders are on a daily leader board in the middle of the trading floor where daily performance is there for everyone to see. All of these things help to keep traders on their toes, ensuring they are constantly competing to find a greater trading edge! So if you have that burning desire to compete and succeed, if you have any track record of competitive success in sport, academics, video games or poker, a career in trading could be for you.