By Seán (Dublin office trainee).

Currently at Positive there are over 200 futures markets traded across a number of European exchanges, as well as further afield. At Positive the markets traded vary from trader to trader. Traders can be predominantly equities, commodities or bonds traders, while others prefer to have a combination of all three.

In the beginning trainees are assigned a market and given the task of learning everything possible about the designated market including the opening hours, contract specifications and market drivers. From there, trainees begin simulating their market in order to gain an understanding of price action, volume of contracts traded and to gain an understanding of times when the market is most active. As all trainees learn very quickly, the markets are ruthless. For this reason good discipline is one of the core principles taught to trainees upon entering the markets.

Innovation is one of the most important aspects of the job, and one that can create a long and successful trading career. We are constantly encouraged to innovate and find new markets with good opportunity that no one else in the office is trading. To be successful you must work hard to find edge in your chosen markets, but to also be willing to constantly adapt to the ever changing market conditions to maintain and improve upon your edge over time. The markets are dynamic and fast moving and it is imperative that traders strive to find new ideas to keep your edge in the markets. Experiencing success in a new strategy you have worked on, or product you have gone out of your way to find, can be very rewarding.