I got the phone call in the afternoon from Jason Berry of Positive Equity. After a couple of e-mails, two trainee futures trader interviews (in which I thought I did badly) and a socializing event, the trainee futures trader position at Positive Equity was mine.

Positive Equity is a proprietary trading company that trades on many of the world`s electronic derivatives exchanges, and it is as far as I know the only proprietary futures trading company in Croatia. The company`s slogan is “be positive” which applies not only to your trading account but being positive inside and outside the office as well. They go a long way to drive home the fact that outlook, moral, motivation and a friendly atmosphere plays an important role in the performance of their employees.

Now, a month and a half have passed since I started the trainee futures trading program, and I would like to reflect on the experience. The first thing any new trainee will need to get used to is the work. We work hard. The work is not especially difficult but it is the first stepping stone on the road to (what we hope will be) greatness, or at least, overflowing pockets. The initial fatigue fades away in the first couple of weeks and the hours just fly by, more so than in any other job I have had before. Everything seems so interesting, from the order books, to the charts, the technical indicators, the amazing number of trading screens on each desk, all of which you will use, but just not right away. At the start we study. Study. Study. We write reports, research and keep up with the news. A month and a half after starting at Positive Equity I am still doing that. I have covered a lot but I still have much to learn.

This is whole post up until now has been mostly about the work ethic each member of Positive Equity has, but working at PE is much more than that. I my next post I will mention some of the perks. Until then:

Work Hard, Change Lives!