This is basically a sequel to my last post in which I wrote about my recent trading drawbacks. Only it’s not a drawback anymore, it’s my trading tragedy. OK, that is a bit over dramatic but I guess that’s how trading can sometimes feel.

Have I lost all ability? Can I no longer find opportunities?

Last week I actually lost money trading in the markets, and that hasn’t happened to me in a long time. I have grown accustomed to a steady progression and not continuing on this trend feels like a failure. As I analyze my trading I still find great trades when they’re there; I have just developed sillier ways of losing money.

Other than trading woes, we have welcomed 3 new trainees to our humble Split, Croatia office. These guys are real hard workers. They have gone through a similar trainee trader learning process like we did in the first two weeks, but they did it in little over 3 days which is really impressive.
Going through the trainee trader guide with them puts a lot of the work we have done into perspective and you get to see just how far you’ve come in this futures trading career. Most of the answers to their questions come naturally to us (what are the monthly contract codes? Why is the 10 year priced weirdly?), I find myself thinking, why don’t they know this, its common knowledge. Then I realize I didn’t know any of it either and if I’m being really honest, they have come into this job with far more futures trading knowledge than I did. Oh well, I’ll just have to establish my dominance at our weekly Unreal Tournament match so I can feel superior again.

This week is Funny Hat Day! Be prepared to see a picture on twitter of us in last minute, hastily put together hats made out of toilet paper and tinfoil.