As a senior trader I have encountered many different ways in which my fellow traders prepare themselves for their trading day. Some of the rituals were silly, some were out and out crazy and some of them rubbed off on me. So I've written a list of the rituals that I like to perform before I hit the busy morning markets.

walking or cycling to work.

It's a well known fact that sitting is the new smoking. Instead of taking a car or bus to the office I like to walk there when it is possible to do so. This clears my head and mind and I reach the office in a more relaxed state, free from the hell of traffic jams and cantankerous drivers. A clear head means i have better focus for the market open.

Stretching before sitting down.

It takes only a couple of minutes but the benifits are truly wonderful. Before I park my bum up on my trading chair I like to stretch a little to make sure my muscles arent tense and that I start my trading day with correct posture. Bad posture has such a negative effect on how I feel during the day and this of course impacts on my trading.

Morning coffee.

Like many traders, I'm a coffee lover. I get through 3 cups a day and it is vital for my trading and concentration. Coffee is good for your heart in lower doses and is full of the antioxidants needed to keep my body running smoothly. I reach for the double espresso hit right before I trade on those tougher days.

Morning prayer.

I wouldn't class myself as religious but I always feel that there is something or someone greater looking down on me. Prayer is a form of meditation and who's to say it doesn't help? It certainly doesn't hurt!

A quick game on the console.

Nothing beats a quick game of Pro Evolution or a short Call of Duty deathmatch, online to get the adrenaline juices flowing. If I have the time I like to get a quick game in before trading starts. It perks me up and helps get my brain and body in motion. It's also great fun to enjoy a session with my fellow traders to boost spirits.

Putting on my favourite music playlist. .

When I get to my desk I like to crank up some energetic music in my 'phones to get the juices flowing.  Up-beat music in general (no matter what your taste is) really helps you to get pumped. It can also have a great psychological effect, for instance I like to throw on some Funk to pull me out of those Monday blues.


I was introduced to the world of medition in my recent years. Before that I thought it was only for the super spiritual and acid dropping hippies (cool if that's your thing!).  The general concept is what attracted me to trying it out. It's all about balance in every sense of the meaning and this is something that everyone craves for. Trading can be hectic at times and really can play with your emotions. You have to have good mental stamina. Keeping the mind and body in balance has helped me greatly. I have more restraint during those crazy moments and suffer less from emotional highs and lows. It could be just in my head but no matter what, it's a little bit of time for me before the trading day starts.

A quick gym session. .

No, I Don't Even Lift Bro. But I do like to hit the pool or threadmill when I get the chance. The pool seems to have a more unwinding and relaxing effect on me. The threadmill has a more pumping effect but the end results are similar. I'm more prepared for whatever the day will throw at me.

So thats my list of pre-trading rituals. Obviously I would be super-human if I managed them all. I usually fall very short but it's something I aim for. If I only get to do one of these things it goes a long way to help me get ready for my trading day.