As a relatively new and unknown company in this part of world, (Futures trading and prop trading firms are unheard of in Croatia)  we went to our nation’s capital, Zagreb, to introduce Positive Equity to some young and ambitious students who could potentially become futures traders.

We wanted to show them how the career of a professional futures trader looks like.

So we had 2 presentations, one case study and a stand at the Student future day. 

Students learned about what kind of job proprietary traders do, what our everyday challenges are, and what kind of money we can potentially earn if we devote ourselves to a long term career in futures trading.

At the case study we showed how trading futures looks like on our trading software, how to read trading charts and what to expect when trading the markets (expect the unexpected!).

There were lots of interesting questions and students showed a great deal of interest in a trading career. 

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It wasn’t all work though, we went to a great after party that ZŠEM organized, and we had a fun time with professors, students and other colleagues from Student Future Day. 

For next year we will be even more prepared and we'll make it even more interesting where possible! 🙂