By Nicholas

Everyone knows in the start as a trainee futures trader you are going through enormous amounts of research and training materials to get some basic knowledge that everyone else has.

And it is great because I’m excited I was accepted into the Trainee Trader Program and everything is new and shiny.

I get through the training and now I’m SIMing and getting smacked by the market left and right because I thought I knew what is going on from all the theoretical research and training materials I went through before.

This is alright too because I am finally SIMing.  After a while, it all starts to make sense and I start making a model and it’s working most of the time but it still needs some tweaking.  I see that little light at the end of the tunnel and it feels great.

Then summer comes along and the market changes and my model is crashing and burning. WTF! I now have more research to do, SIMing, observing, ………

Now that light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be a little firefly that just got squashed under the heel of the market.  When I look at my goals I say to myself “No Problem!  It’s all worth it.  This is just going to make me that much better.”