by Nicholas.

Working as a trader requires a lot of focus and energy.

So how do we make sure we have what the market is demanding from us? Simple solution: Exercise.

I know it sounds counterproductive.  How can you exercise if you are already tired and can’t focus while trading?

Actually, science has proven that regular exercise can help with focus and energy, along with other benefits such as healthy blood pressure and weight, lifting your mood, lowering stress and anxiety, and keeping a healthy heart.   These all contribute to a healthy brain.  And it actually creates new brain cells (that’s one way to get smarter).

Here are some key tips:

  • Start off light. You want an intense workout but you don’t want to hurt or exhaust yourself so you won’t be able to trade or continue to exercise the next day.
  • “If you fail to plan. Then you plan to fail.” Make sure to schedule the exercise into your day. Some like to get it in before they start their trading day. Others go out during their lunch time.  One time not to schedule is at night since you may find yourself unable to fall asleep because you are energized.
  • Make sure it is at least 30 minutes.
  • Hydrate. One of the symptoms of dehydration is tiredness or sleepiness.
  • You can take this time to learn too. Listen to an audiobook or podcast in your specific field. Or don’t listen to anything to help clear your mind so you can be focused when you get back to work.

Here are some links to read more about exercise and brain function: