Now Recruiting for 2021 Trading Internships in Zagreb, Croatia

We have some openings for our 2021 volunteer internships on our trading floor in Zagreb, Croatia.

Starting in January 2021, interns will learn about what it takes to be a successful trader in the 21st century. The internship lasts 1-2 months, can be completed 4-8 hours per day, customized to fit your college or work schedule. You will learn the fundamentals of a trading career, work alongside our senior and trainee trader teams, simulate live markets, and complete a variety of team based projects on our trading floor.

1.     Successful candidates will have very successful academic careers, professional achievements, sporting accomplishments, and/or competitive activity such as poker, bridge, video games.

2.     Programming skills are a bonus to give you a competitive edge.

If the answer is “Yes!” to any of the above, apply for an internship with us and see if professional trading is a career for you.

The Next Steps

Applications for our 2021 Internship program are now open. These will be 4 – 10 week volunteer internships on our trading floor in Zagreb, Croatia. The aim is simply for you to find out if a career in professional trading is something you would enjoy. The course contains some of the main elements of our full time professional Trainee Trader Program. You will research and learn technical and fundamental aspects of the financial markets. You will trade on the same software all of our senior traders use. Selected interns may be offered a full time role with us in the Trainee Trader class.

To apply please visit Positive Equity Application and ensure you select “Internship” as the position you are applying for.

Check us out our Questions and Answers section here, discussing all you need to know about a career in trading with us. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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