Most traders share two common human traits:

  1. We are slow to change either from fear or laziness.
  2. Our natural instinct is to keep our profitable ideas to ourselves.

At Positive we do things differently.

We innovate and we share. We believe that by doing this we give ourselves collectively the best chance of long-term trading success. Sitting in a corner on your own is not an option at Positive. We believe that by working together, we find better solutions to problems. Research is more clinical. Trade ideas are developed and refined faster. Ideas do not exist in a vacuum and by innovating together, we take small ideas and turn them into solid advantage and ‘edge’ (competitive advantage) in the markets.

So what are the actual tangible things we do?

First of all we expect everybody to contribute.

  1. We expect regular presentations on market opportunities and edge from individuals, our Heads of Innovation, and from our Innovation Group.
  2. Innovation Reviews with every trader happen throughout the year.
  3. Senior Traders and Trainees work together on projects that are shared with everyone.

We find that one good idea can lead to many great ideas. Keep an idea under wraps and it is just one idea. Share the idea and many more ideas come from that single idea bringing greater edge and success to us all.

This is how we do things at Positive. Want to innovate with us? Click here.