“The markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.” – John Maynard Keynes

The foundation of a solid career in the markets is built on an individual’s ability to be disciplined in their career, their life, and their trading, especially when those things get a little or a lot irrational.

We actively work with all our traders in the areas of risk and trading philosophy. Traders have regular Trader Check-Ins with the Positive Risk Team where goals and targets are set, along with downside risk metrics.


We couldn’t find good enough Risk software so we designed our own. tracking the performance of every Positive trader in real time, across multiple trading platforms.

There is a Trader Management Team made up of all Risk Managers and Head Traders that meets weekly to analyse, discuss, and improve the performance of every trader in our firm. We take an active role in developing the careers of each person at Positive, helping them develop their skills and abilities. Any recommendations, decisions, or actions are then communicated to each trader and their risk managers so they can work on the items that will most impact their ability to trade better.

It’s a long road that never seems to end, but we’re always working on our discipline and risk management.

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