Our number one focus is on improving the lives of the people with whom we work. Sound like a place for you? Add Positive_Equity on Twitter and we’ll keep you up to date about career opportunities with us. Read below for more specifics about career opportunities for experienced traders, trainee trader analysts, and non-trading roles in technology, programming, and risk management.

I’m a successful trader but I want to get to the next level in my career.

We want to work with experienced traders who want to get to the next level in their trading career and work with the people around them.

  • Are you getting beaten up by algos and want to dish some pain out on them for a change?
  • Do you want to trade big size and not sure how to go about it?
  • Running out of ideas? Edge being eroded?
  • Struggling to get your trading to the next level?
  • Struggling with consistency month to month?
  • Want to learn a new way to trade?

Well you’ve come to the right place. We are all about making our collective careers as long and as successful as possible. If you just want to work on your own in a corner by yourself, Positive isn’t the place for you, but if you want to work with others on figuring out all these challenges, you’ve come to the right place. There is no magic bullet, but our systems, innovations, market edge, and success rate is the next best thing. Want to speak with somebody about a career with us? Yes! Let’s talk more!

I’m a newbie but I know a career in the markets is for me!

So you think a career in the markets is for you? Well you’ve come to the right place. We have a 60-75% annual success rate transforming people with no experience in the markets into successful market professionals. We have a sophisticated and comprehensive training program lead by active traders. You will progress from a class of “know nothing newbies” through to successful market professionals researching and trading in the financial markets surrounded by people who will make sure you get the best education and support along the way. Once you are a successful trader, then it’s your turn to get involved and bring up the next training class. Sound like a career for you? Yes, sign me up!

Trading no thanks. Tech support, programming and risk management are for me!

Trading not for you? No problem, we also recruit IT professionals, programmers and risk management professionals. Add Positive_Equity on Twitter and stay tuned in for career openings.