The markets are evolving and adapting to our current strategies so we need to innovate and research to stay ahead of those changes. It is difficult to describe the importance of innovation and research without sounding cliché, but one thing is for sure, without new ideas and innovations, everyone becomes a dinosaur.

Collective Innovation. Individual Responsibility.

At Positive, we are successful because we work together on innovations and research, but we are each individually responsible for trading results. We have created an environment of trust and responsibility where ideas and innovations are shared across the floor. As a part of a collective, we are each responsible for bringing new innovations, ideas, and opportunities to the trading floor. Then we each apply our own skills in trading those new opportunities.

Practically speaking there are a number of things we do to help us collectively innovate. Our Head of Innovation keeps all our collective research efforts pointed in the right direction. There is an Innovation Group that meets regularly to brain storm new ideas and to get those innovations out on the floor through daily conversations with traders and regular presentations on various strategies, new markets, new technologies and new trading tools. All of these activities help make sure that we have a thriving environment for innovating new ideas, trades, and edge in the market.

Is Positive for you?

So if you are the type of person that likes to work with others, you are curious, and always looking at new opportunities, get in touch. You will find yourself right at home. If you want to sit in the corner and do your own thing, we’re probably not the best place for you.

At Positive we know that in order to be successful in the long term, we need to be innovating together, researching, and finding new opportunities for each other.

Innovations lead to opportunity. Opportunity leads to success.

Find your success at Positive.