It’s the 21st century and if you don’t have a grip on how technology and programming is affecting the financial markets, you are about to become a dinosaur. At Positive we have dedicated programming and technology teams that produce a regular supply of programs and technology from liquidity provision and trade execution to risk management and trade analysis software. Programming combined with trader know-how gives us big edge against other market participants.

Knowledge is power. What do you want to know about your trading?

We have automated custom built analysis software that looks at the trading performance of each trader so that we can collectively identify strengths and weaknesses. The analysis software helps each trader improve increasing size when rocking the markets, and reduce and regroup when trading stats aren’t good.

We store large amounts of data on our trading so we can see what works and what doesn’t. This lets us make informed decisions on how we should trade and helps us identify areas in which we need to improve. Analysis is key and knowledge is power.

What about algo and high frequency traders?

At Positive we understand the importance of integrating programming and technology into our trading. We aren’t a high frequency or algo-focused business, but we have the ability to create software that can respond to market changes at speeds not possible for humans, which gives us a distinct advantage. Speed is important but we get our edge by using software to compliment and augment our core trading strategies and abilities. We aren’t algo or high frequency, but we love using our mix of technology and trading experience to pick off algo and HF traders.