Want to get the lowdown on what it’s like to work at Positive? We asked a bunch of folks what it’s like to work here and what they like best and worst. Here’s what they said!


What kind of place is Positive?

It’s a great place to work. You get to work with a bunch of like-minded individuals in an environment that is conducive to success in this industry. It’s an environment that can bring the best out of you by challenging you on a daily basis to continually improve on various aspects of your trading, like innovation, risk management, personal motivation, goal setting.

What do you enjoy most about working at Positive? (What rocks?)

For me the best thing about working here is genuinely the support you are given by your colleagues and fellow traders, whether it be the head of the company or a trainee. This is, without question, a difficult industry and for me to persevere and navigate through a challenging career, the support here is invaluable: open people with whom to discuss ideas, risks, and probabilities. The belief in Positive Equity that working together is better than working alone is certainly extremely helpful at every stage of your trading career.

What do you like least about the work? (What sucks?)

It is an unfortunate fact that this job is an imposition on other aspects of your life at the start of your career. In the same vein the hours are quite antisocial, but then I’d rather be putting in the hours I do here than in any other profession.


What’s it like to work in PE?

Working in Positive is very fast paced where every day is different. A career at Positive requires great commitment and concentration to be able to react to fast-paced markets and breaking global news. There is a very open ethos here, both in terms of the office design and the information sharing and all of the shared innovations in the office.

What do you like best?

My favorite thing about Positive is knowing that no day will be the same as the one before. At the beginning of every day you have no idea what is in store for you but the satisfaction in succeeding in this job is unlike any other.

What do you like least?

My least favorite thing about the job is the length of the work day. It is expected that trainees be present from the opening to the close of the office every day. There is no way around the fact that this job involves sacrifice. It is not easy working late in the evenings, nor is it easy getting up earlier than most jobs in the mornings. For someone with a genuine passion for trading, or a genuine passion for succeeding in a high-pressure, high-reward job, then this should not be a deterrent.


What’s it like to work in PE?

Positive Equity strikes an excellent balance between being professional yet having a friendly laid back atmosphere. You will work harder than you probably ever have before, but you will definitely be rewarded for it, both in terms of growing as a person as well as a trader.
Every trader in the office is selected not only on their trading skills but also their personality and motivations. So you are bound to be around like minded, ambitious individuals that all want huge success for themselves and you and go about it with integrity.

What do you like best?

Speaking purely from a trading perspective I like the fact people take a real interest in your career and want to see you succeed. The management aren’t faceless corporate types, but proven traders that treat you as equals and lead from the front putting just as much effort into the company as you. Everyone has the upmost respect for each other. There is no “them and us” mentality and traders are free to be direct with management in terms of what they want to see happening.


What’s it like to work in PE?

PE is a great place to work. They push you on a daily basis and work closely with each trader to tailor methods to help you achieve your goals.

What do you like best?

The best thing about PE is the people within it. Ideas are shared and above all it’s a great place to come into each day. Everyone is supportive of each other and know when to give you space if you’re having a tough day.

What do you like least?

You can work really hard at this job and yet ultimately not succeed. There are no guarantees. It is an exhilarating challenge.

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