Markets are going crazy. As a relative newbie to the whole trading profession it can be a little intimidating. Starting out, volatility was low (not counting certain news filled days) but in the last week things seem to have changed. These should be the days to make your month, maybe even your year if you trade well. You`ve just got to be on the top of your game (although you always have to be, but now especially so) and cut those losers quick.
Trading Workstation 2
I can say with certainty that I have done exactly that and yet my day still turned out mediocre. A strategy I used to make money in one one-hour period stopped working cost me more in the next. I was disciplined, I took breaks, and I even thought I should stop trading for the day but in the end I concluded that not trading was not the answer. I would need to trade sooner or later. This was wrong. I think its fine to stop for the day if you feel like you just can’t do anything right (even though you were kicking ass an hour before). Confidence in your own abilities is important in trading and if you start to lose it you should trade cautiously in order to regain it. My tactic up until now for a losing day was to start the next day with small winners. No running anything and no trading large size, just quick, small winning trades to build up confidence and then continue as normal. I think this also goes for days in which you just feel unhappy about your trading regardless of profits and losses.
Im still on track for hitting my target this month (knock on wood), hopefully the rest of the months goes as well as it has up until now.