This week I got my health and our new batch of trainees on the mind. All this sitting is beginning to get to me. Not in a psychological way, but in a belt widening, gotta hit the gym way. I’m beginning to feel the effects of this sedentary job. Even though I have been doing sports actively all my life, I’m no stranger to marathon sessions of video games and sitting in class rooms listening to lectures, i.e being seated for long periods of time. But recently have started feeling some back and neck pain. I guess it’s just bad posturing because I slouch a lot, but I’m starting to realize just how out of shape I’m getting. Being at your desk all day certainly takes its toll and I guess the best way to explain my current physical abilities is as those of an astronaut after a 6 month mission on the International Space Station. So I have made a decision. I am going to find time to hit the gym. Hopefully doing this will help with my occasional back pain and also give me that little extra energy to remain focused at work for longer in addition to just being the healthy thing to do. Will it work? I have no idea, but we have broken too many chairs in this office by just leaning too far to one side for this not to be an issue (3 so far for me, and everyone here is counting). I have enlisted a colleague to join me and we are both going to kick each others asses into shape.

Other than my astronaut syndrome, in Positive Equity Split, our new trainee class is almost 1 month in and going strong. Not sure how far along through the learning materials they are, but their questions are less frequent. This is possibly due to the fact that our little running joke is to tell them to do a one page summary on the topic they had a question about. I think they feel it’s getting old but we still find it very amusing. It’s the kind of thing that happens often around the office. From changing people’s instant messenger status to something inappropriate (I’m in the crapper or I’m busy under my desk) or telling the new guys they have to stand up whenever the boss walks in in the morning. I think these kinds of things alleviate a bit of the stress and certainly lighten the mood around the office.

See you next week!