Every first Friday of the month the gang take some time to get out of the office and have some good ol’ fashioned fun together. Sometimes it’s a few pints, sometimes it’s a restaurant, sometimes go-carts or paintball (we actually haven’t done that in ages—gotta get that going again!). But with Christmas upon us, this first Friday of December saw the group head to the local pub for a few glasses of home brew eggnog. Brewed of course by some of our very own traders…and who said futures traders are one trick ponies? Trading is stressful stuff, so it’s important to let off a little steam, hang out with the team and enjoy ourselves even if it does gets a little heated and competitive at the bar’s pool table. Above is a picture of our last outing. It was obligatory Christmas gear, some of the boys really outdid themselves this year. Don’t judge us. 😉