By Igor Horvatić

So we finally made it! The group of people wanting to change their lives as trainee traders, signed up for what appears to be the greatest job in the world. Seven got in out of more than 80 that applied.

First, it’s no ordinary job so it has no ordinary requirements for getting in. Positive has some unorthodox demands from its applicants. Being a star athlete? Won some tournaments? Yes even online games count (especially Unreal!). And what’s more unlike many other firms, PE doesn’t expect you to know anything about trading, markets or almost anything about economy (even though I do). It IS a trainee job after all.

What will eventually matter is can I make an impact through innovation and earnings, but it’s a long road till then. Books must be read, errands ran, more books read, future daydreamed about, a little bit more reading and maybe we might catch some sleep over the weekend. You might not know much at start, but you better get working on that right away. Hard.

Meanwhile senior traders trade live, have fun shouting internal jokes (and codes) and relax playing PS4 while making fun of us. Of course they went through the same training regime, survived, and know really well when they can do any of the things.

It’s only been a few days in and it still seems as some kind of alternate reality, since this is unlike any other job in Croatia or any other job period. Hopefully it will become our new reality. Hm, hope. “Whenever a trader says, “I wish,” or “I hope,” he is engaging in a destructive way of thinking because it takes attention away from the diagnostic process.”