In our second week we are still the in process of settling down in a new environment. We made a few more calls to Dublin to greet more of our new colleagues. Once again we got a warm welcome from everybody we’ve been talking with, all of them keen to help us settle and be sure to feel good being part of Positive Equity. One of the senior members told us to contact him with any doubts we may have. If we are not sure who to ask or should we even ask… it can even be about topics not related to trading, we can call him to speak about it.

That is something we have been getting in our first two weeks. In almost every step of the way you can feel that someone is standing in your corner.

A Positive working atmosphere is emphasized a lot here because it is important, valuable and not so common as you think.

In my view, few things allow that to be part of reality in PE. Firstly, no one wants to see you fail, on the contrary everyone has the interest and wants to see you succeed. There is no corporate ladder in which you need to step over somebody to get promoted. As one of our traders said, the only person you battle here is yourself.

Secondly, I think that people who run the game around here believe in the management theory that people give their best when feeling good. I can’t speak for them, but I saw a book on the topic on one of the desks.

So I’m still new around here and like in previous week entry, I can share mostly first impressions. That’s how I see life at Positive so far.

About our progress as trainees, it’s study, study and more study. A lot of material to cover and with recommended reading it’s becoming a small leaning pile of books on our desk (actually most of these book are in electronic format but you know what I mean). Read, research, summarize, talk with your trainer and re-do if necessary. It will be like that for some time until we get to trading simulation. Simulator is our first big goal to reach. After all this reading about the markets and trading, can’t wait to see how it looks like in practice. Until then it’s back to our studies…