Every Friday Is Pizza Friday!

The other day the Seniors kicked our asses in anything we are learning. Clearly showing us much more time and work is needed to even reach half their levels. What we need to look up in tables or on the internet (or have no idea about), they know instantly by heart.

A popular game in the office is the card game called ‘Sets’ that we play in our “leisure” time. When you’re not directly learning, you have to practice something to improve. The game requires being fast in combining triplets of cards on certain rules. Even though we’re getting better, the Seniors are lightning fast on top of saying that they’re ‘rusty’ and haven’t played in months. Goes to show what proper training does.

Reading has gotten more intense as deadlines approach. Every day is a deadline for something, and focusing on just one or two things is almost impossible as we help each other out. Somebody likes to read up on the fascinating world of hundreds of different kinds of futures, macroeconomics, news, while others prefer learning the psychology of trading, having coffee or doing other stuff in the office. Everybody has questions that we try to work out together. As Tomo, a fellow trainee says: ’ studying all your working day just isn’t enough’.

In the second week we got a second screen (yay!) with access to charts. At this rate we’ll need bigger tables in two months. It’s a nice break from looking only at books all day because “A trader without charts is like a doctor without a thermometer.” Now it’s time to go through various charts and start to get the feel of different markets.