Hi everyone,
I’m Giuseppe and I have been working at Positive for 5 months now. I was asked to write about my experiences of moving to a new country and working at Positive. I am originally from Italy but I moved to Ireland to take a shot at a trading career. When I began, it was my first time on a trading floor, I was pretty excited. Everyone seemed really interested in their work and I knew it was an ideal place for a trainee to begin his/her career. I decided to pursue a trading career outside of my home country. I have always loved trading and before taking a job at Positive I traded with a personal account.

I found myself thinking and reading a lot about the markets. I researched opportunities in the futures trading industry and found that in Dublin, the proprietary trading business is very developed. This is not the case in Italy. Before coming to work at Positive, I was a rowing professional athlete for more than 10 years, winning 2 world championships, 4 world cups and a bronze medal at the European championship. I started my financial career as a consultant in a big 4 accountancy firm before choosing to pursue a trading career. Moving from Italy to Dublin was not complicated thanks to worker mobility laws in the EU countries.

At first I was worried about leaving my girlfriend and my family for a long period of time, but I’m making new friends now and I hope my girlfriend moves here. Finding an apartment in Dublin was a bit difficult as Ireland’s economy is growing rapidly again and apartment rents are constantly on the rise, luckily I found a good apartment close to the office. Coming to Dublin I was extremely excited about trading and once I started with the learning process I became even more motivated. Learning and understanding new trading ideas and concepts is amazing, especially when you see constant progress day after day.

The most difficult thing for me to get used to is the language. English is not my first language and it was really hard in the beginning, but it’s getting better and hopefully it will improve with time. Comparing work environments in Italy and Dublin, it is completely different. When I was a consultant we worked in a team for a client. You work alone in trading, but I think one of the strengths of Positive Equity is that you constantly share your ideas with other traders.

I would encourage anyone who’s interested in trading to move to Dublin, it is a great place to start a career and work.